derived from the word ameliorate, means to step in and make a bad situation better, a person with courage to face adversity and strive to come out on top. This describes the type of human being we aspire to be, this is the person we design our jewelry for. Many challenges are faced everyday, but the accessibility to fashion forward jewelry shouldn't be one of them.


To us, Melios is a reminder to never stop moving.
We are founded upon the belief that true success comes from the decision
to persevere through life's challenges, whatever that may look like for you.


From bracelets to rings to earrings to necklaces, we have it all just for you
- chic jewelry without the middlemen. Simple, understated, for all occasions
- accessories for the modern woman. Your style, your identity, it's yours to express.


We hope our jewelry reflects our convictions and inspires you to keep moving,
just as you inspire us to keep moving. Here's to the journey ahead.